Prior to any work-related travel to be conducted during work hours or at College expense, an ISTC employee must submit a travel request for approval and have received the approval. Administrative offices at all ISTC centers will have the appropriate travel request forms available for employees.

All travel requests forms should be submitted 60 days prior to the onset of travel requested. Requested travel should have also been detailed on the employee’s Professional Development Plan & Evaluation forms. Travel related expenses (e.g., airfare, car rental, taxi/shuttle transport, etc.) should follow economy class rates or comparable fares for business travel and be consistent with the most economical means of transportation. Factors involved in approving travel requests shall include, but not be limited to, adequate coverage of office/department/trade, expense, general benefit, and number of attendees from the College in order to determine if such travel shall cause an undue hardship on the effective instruction and management of the institution.

Upon return from approved travel, employees must submit any required documentation to the College Business Office.

It is the policy of J.F. Ingram State Technical College to make every reasonable effort to issue reimbursement checks for approved travel within ten working days after the receipt of the proper paperwork. Prior to any travel, employees should contact the Business Office to confirm the specific documentation needed, as well as, any limits or restrictions imposed by State or Federal regulations.