ISTC Students Receive First Round of Pell ESI Funds

April 12, 2017

An initial payment of $34,609 received March 1, 2017 represented the culmination of months   of work by ISTC faculty, staff and students.  Acting Dean of Students Rosie Edwards commended college employees for their effective collaboration. “We could not have reached this important milestone without everyone’s hard work and dedication,” said Edwards.

To date, over 100 ISTC students have qualified to receive funds as part of the experiment. Financial Aid Director Amanda Wilson said additional funds will be disbursed in the coming weeks. “From the time the students complete their financial aid application until the funds are actually received by the College is a lengthy process,” she explained, “involving the prospective student, the instructor, team members from financial aid, student services and accounting.” Wilson said work is currently underway on applications for the summer 2017 academic term.

ISTC is one of 67 colleges and universities participating in the Second Chance Pell program, which allows eligible incarcerated individuals to receive Pell grants for postsecondary education with the goal of helping them get jobs and support their families when they are released.

Edwards said she expects the Pell effort to continue growing at ISTC as more students become eligible to participate. “Our goal is to provide students with a quality educational experience and to prepare them to enter the workforce equipped for success.”